Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ripped off....not me though...

Ok - it is going to sound like last week all I did was have coffee and eat out and enjoy a leisurely life!! Well maybe I did last week but that is not the norm.

I would liek to take this opportunity to warn those people in business

Monday - after a walk around the lake with a friend we went to McCafe for a coffee and a play for Luca. (Why some sassy bussiness person hasn't put a Cafe AT the lake I do not know). Anyway I also ordered a hash brown and a Sausage 'n' Egg Muffin for Luca. There had been someone in front of me who went to her table while waiting for her order. The young girl placed the hash brown and two muffins on my tray. Not sure if I she thought I had ordered two and I had paid for two - I said thankyou and walked off. Luca ate one and after a while I realised there was no egg - neither was there egg in the second! So I had the order from the lady in front of me and only paid for one. Not my fault!! something FREE for me.

Wednesday - my birthday - I had lunch with a friend at a Cafe. It was one where you order at the counter and they bring it to you. Of the three types of foccacia to choose from I choose a Vegetarian one. When mine arrived it had smoked salmon in it. All I could say to my friend was "Here I am going to be a teacher one day and I can't even read that there was smoked salmon in it!" I started to pick out the onion (i knew that was going to be in it) and everything else I had read was in it, when the waiter came over and said "Sorry that isn't yours - another customer wanted salmon added to hers" - I said "Well you are not going to give this to her after I have been picking the onion out are you, so I will eat this one thankyou" - Something extra and FREE for me.

Friday - on our way to the coast - I phone ahead to the Woodfired Pizza place in Braidwood to say we will be there in 40 minutes we want a table for 5 and these 2 pizzas - No problem they say. Well it kind of was a problem when we got there and still had to wait for them to be cooked. I helped myself to the drinks from the fridge and we sat down, ate and drank! Marcel took the kids to the car and I went to pay, taking another drink out of the fridge and putting it on the counter to have in the car. The young girl added up the two pizzas and the one drink - didn't say anything about "any other drinks" - although the waiter had seen us drinking away. So I didn't say anything either. That would have been at least $15 - Something FREE for me!!

Maybe I should have said something - but I used to say things to people and they are still turning out stupid!!! I give up!

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Alice said...

None of the traits shown by the writer of this blog were inherited from me - trust me!!!!!! But she does have a point - about lax employees, that is.