Sunday, February 03, 2008

Kids in the Kitchen

I am listening to the sounds of my three children (8,6 &4) making Friands. All I have done is print out the recipe and turn the oven on!! There have been interesting noises and I can hear myself as a bossy child in my eldest daughter - it is that nasty bossy way! Anyway I am looking forward to eating them of course.

I will just post some photos of our recent trip - I am on a purging mission and constantly have asked myself "Do I/we really need it?" If I hesitate then it is out! I saw Peter Walsh on Oprah the other day (i never usually watch oprah) - anyway the whole deal about clutter affecting our lives and relationships in negative ways and creating spaces in the house that are suited to what we wnat them to be used for.
We are getting a deck put on the back of the house - it is taking MUCH LONGER than planned due to the builder having to go to two different funerals in far parts of the country! For a week now we have had to go out the front and all the way around to get to the back and so I am reluctantly hanging any washing out!


jellyhead said...

Yum, friands... and how independent are your kids, making them on their own?!

Yes, I agree about the clutter. It bugs me after awhile. I am not exactly naturally well-organised, but I do regularly get fed up with piles here & there, and suddenly go like a whirlwind through the house, sorting stuff out.

Hope you got to relax for awhile on your weekend :)

My float said...

What a beautiful location for a holiday!

By the way, eldest daughters are not always the bossy ones - I did quite a job of it and I was the youngest! Someone has to keep people in line!