Monday, January 21, 2008

School Holidays!!

It is my firm belief that School Holidays are for relaxing and hanging and playing around home in order to gather and store enough energy for the school term. That is after we have been on holiday to the beach etc. I just don't feel the need to race around getting caught up in all the school holiday programs and events. After all they are my school holidays too! I am happy to have other kids over to our house and quite often have extras to just play - no organised activities at all! However sometimes I will venture out to something just to see the happy faces on my children!! They are so like their father! I am sure a pet snake will make it into our lives one day. That is after the lizards as it is a requirement to obtain a license for a snake, that you have had a lizard for 2 years - crazy I know!


Stomper Girl said...

We've been lazing these holidays too. I'm a bit embarrassed at how much telly the kids have been watching!

Really? You think you might like a snake for a pet? Someone told me this story recently about a python owner who slept with her snake and she went to the vet because the python hadn't eaten for a few days and the vet told her she had to have the snake put down because it was starving itself in preparation to eat her. I don't know whether that's true or not though.

jellyhead said...

How odd about the needing to own a lizard first before a snake.

And that story from Stomper Girl sounds very creepy!! - though hopefully it's an urban myth!!

Hope you're having a great week Shelly.... looks like it!

Anonymous said...

You have to ask Karim about her snakes...she or Urs could veer you in the right direction as to what kind, etc.! Not to mention the spiders they have also if you are so inclined (and, yes, "they" consider a tarantula a spider! go figure...sure it is correct in the animal kingdom terminology, but still...). BTW: where's your shells and beans pic?!
3 kisses, Mel