Saturday, January 19, 2008

Obsessed with Food!!

I am a bit obsessed with food lately as I am trying not to eat too much of it! Anyway here are a few things that have been made in the kitchen of ShellyC.

Steamed Wontons - delicious cold the next day and the day after!!

Fennel Risotto - have to say it was one of my best ones and the kids loved it!! I didn't even use my usual essential ingredients of wine and cream and it still tasted great.
Friands!! Now I always thought that they must be tricky especially as they usually sell for about $4.50 each at coffee shops. How easy are they to make - REALLY EASY!

Sometimes I am a bit slow to catch on to things and even more reluctant when I think it is all hype - well NOW I know what all the hype was about!! Delicious and this is from someone with a constant store of Swiss chocolate in the house!


jellyhead said...

Lucky I just had lunch, or I'd be drooling and off searching for something in the pantry!

I'm impressed that you make wontons! - I've never made anything fiddly like that. They look delectable.

Does this mean your computer is fixed?

Alice said...

Where did you get the chocolate? I have a friend who will be delighted to hear about that - no, it's not my inner-self.

In transit said...


h&b said...

those wontons look divine !!

Not sure on the fennel risotto - i'm generally not a fennel fan.

I remember when I weighed considerably less and had no money for food, I used to think about it ALL.THE.TIME. And we'd steal copies of "Gourmet Traveller" from the local Dr's office, and we'd read recipes and imagine feasts.

Instead of actually eating.

Quite a worry to reflect on those lean times - I couldn't do it again. I actually think we were starving !!

Mimi said...



My float said...

Oh my goodness, how delicious do those wontons look?? Recipe please!