Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cactus Computer!!

Bloody computer has died again!! Tanya you are wasn't you! Will wait until hubby is back to look at it or take it to the computer geek shop! He told me to take it but I said I woudl get really ripped off being blonde and having no idea what I was talking about. "Please fix my computer" followed by a cute smile is a sure way to pay a lot of money!!
So I am back on the trojan computer with the European keyboard which means the Z and Y are in opposite places. I have to concentrate so I don't write Zou and Yoe and Thez and Zour!
No pictures either - and I took loads as I was going to post about all the fab food I have made recently!


purplegiraffes said...

I'm relieved I wasn't the cause of the last breakdown, but sorry to hear it's cactus again. Hope it gets sorted soon.


jellyhead said...

Oh no! What a pain.

I will just have to wait to see the food photos.... sitting here, drooling..... waiting..... hungry....

Alice said...

Cactus belong in the garden (or the desert), not on your computer desk.

Hope the 'wizard' can fix the problem. If not, you have a birthday looming