Tuesday, May 20, 2008

no title No.2

..I am around....I am practising being a teacher!!! I am wearing ironed clothes and not swearing!!
I am very lucky and have a year 1 class who are all wonderful - really!! Even the naughty ones are very cute and adorable! Although it is cold and there are a few snotty noses - mine included though I tend not to wipe mine all the way up my sleeve to the shoulder!

My bed cover is coming along and these cold winter nights mean i have been covering myself in it and knitting/crocheting away!! It is going to take an enormous amount of wool....

Fabulous that Marcel is home most of the time I am on prac this time and has really taken to cooking the evening meal. He loves it and has put post it notes in many cookbooks. Although his favourite is his old school Domestic Science textbook from his highschool days in Switzerland!! I am loving it.


jellyhead said...

Can I hire your husband sometime? Just for the cooking of course, nothing sordid!!

It's great that you're enjoying your teaching prac.... finally you get to do what you've been studying for all along. My commiserations about the runny noses though (theirs and yours!)

Stomper Girl said...

A cooking husband...*sigh* ... that sounds so ace. At least your grade ones are wiping away the snot, when I sat in on my son's prep class at least half had their fingers up their noses. My child included.

Alice said...

Isn't that why track suits have coloured braid up the sleeves?

Glad your Year 1 kids are still cute.... even normal, by the sound of it.