Friday, May 30, 2008

School is out.

I survived!!! I am still alive and breathing and the main thing - ended up with a great report!!! Oh and flowers, two vases, hand cream, numerous cards and a couple of snotty hugs and "I will really miss you" - I tell you this student teacher rocks!!!

It isn't hard to fool the kids really - I made them make lamingtons (old cake, chocolate topping and coconut) and I think you can work out the rest - they thought they were cooking!!! I taught them subtraction and to get them to do more I printed sums on strips of coloured paper so they would end up with a rainbow in their books. I conned them into thinking a triangle was magic and could make all these other shapes. I made them use up old wool I didn't like or want to make collages and I told them it was a competition to see who could cut out the longest snake from a piece of newspaper - that kept them quiet for ages!! I think learning occurred somewhere!Actually I think the greatest amount of learning was by me!!

So one more week of Uni, an essay and an exam and then a month up north!!! Yes I am taking my kids to spend some quality time with their wonderful aunt and I can't wait to spend time with her and be warm!! Not sure if quality time constitutes a month, actually just over a least she will be happy when we leave. Just couldn't get the cheap flights back so had to stay longer!!! When you add the difference for 5 flights it is worth pissing my sister off and staying longer. I am also looking forward to meeting a couple of other bloggers from the tropics.

Do you think Jamie Oliver takes photos of what he cooks?? The new chef in this house does!!!

Cabonara - raw eggs and all!!


jellyhead said...

Excuse me miss, miss, missssss!

I just wrote that in case you're missing the schoolkids already

Glad all went so well.... and your 1 month holiday sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

We have already made plans for you to join us at sewing night - so bring a project!

alice said...

Congrats! Sounds like you enjoyed it, too :) Well done and have a great break.

Anonymous said...

I think getting cheap flights is worth pissing off that wonderful aunt as well. The longer the better!!!

Stomper Girl said...

Congratulations, sounds like you've earned your holiday up north.