Monday, June 02, 2008

What I like to do...

...pull up in my big people mover van and do a very fast reverse park in a tight space while the guy in the flash car in the car park behind me is obviously very very scared!!! I really wanted to knock on his window and see how his heart rate was. Over seven years living in Europe and you don't have the luxury of finding a bigger park around the corner!! my girls faces as they arrive home from school today having walked all the way on their own for the first time. They were so proud of themselves. I love how they are becoming independent. more wool for my project of the year!! Actually it isn't really wool - more like acrylic fluff and such!!!

...procrastinate on an essay I need to do and knit and crotchet instead!!


Stomper Girl said...

Nothing beats the satisfaction of pulling off a professional reverse park. Years of inner city Melbourne has made me quite the champion parker. Put me in someone else's car though and I turn into a parking wuss.

jellyhead said...

A fast reverse parker? You're a legend girl!

Good on your girls for walking home.... I bet they were busting with pride.

When you say your current project, I assume you mean the textured orange/purple bedspread? Hope it's going along well.