Monday, July 14, 2008


One of the coconuts that Marcel laboriously peeled and opened had this little gem in it - the start of a new palm tree. Years ago when I was at Tafe doing my Florist course, I loved it when we could create our own displays - instead of flowers I loved using vegetables! I would spear the vegies with thin bamboo sticks and use them like flowers among arrangements of fabulous leaves and foliage. I also threaded peas on long wire and draped them all around the arrangement! I love aubergine and when I saw them at the market here in Townsville for $1 each - I had to buy 3!! I really could just leave them on the table to look at. However I thought I would have a go at some babaganoosh - just need to go out and get a lemon first.....

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jellyhead said...

Did you say babaganoosh?

I'm on my way to Townsville now.