Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My dream has been to live in a real Queenslander one day. So a holiday in one for a month is fabulous!

I love no fly screens - mind you the mossies have found their way to Zoe especially!!

Even in winter the regular footwear are thongs or crocs!

Not like in Canberra where sending the kids under the house would be horrific punishment - it is playtime paradise!

PS. If it wasn't raining I would have taken a photo of another of my favourite things about Queensland - even in winter you can hang 4 pairs of undies by one peg and they will dry!!!!


Anonymous said...

You do get used to no screens, now I love it. Took a while.. as for thongs and crocs, I am in my winter woolies and socks. In our QLDer!

Stomper Girl said...

Why no screens? don't they have flies?

h&b said...

I hate screens - refuse to have them - would rather be bitten.

In Qld, I always see an abundnace of mesh security grilles. i always think 'do they have high crime' ?

Obviously not in resort accom, but on the houses you see for sale. Ugh.

chest of drawers said...

It´s been wonderful looking at all your holiday photos of all those places I visited back in 2006...beautiful!