Sunday, August 24, 2008


Bloody Hell - I can't even lie on my blog. I am just too damm honest!
No I didn't send the reply to Luke.
I guess it wasn't his fault as he just had to send the mails out. You see I have this feeling that University staff are all in cahoots with each other - you know Piss one off and the others will know about it! Surely there is a list of "Grumpy mature aged students who think they can do it all" or another list of "Students who are Mothers - beware!" or of course there is probably another list with photos of students that have all had moustaches etc drawn all over them - only for staff to see!!

Paranoid? Probably!

I am not far from finishing this degree that is all.


Jellyhead said...

Well if they DO have a list of overachieving mothers, they are only jealous that they couldn't hack the pace!!

No need for confession ..... we were thoroughly entertained any which way!

rhubarbwhine said...

If they do have a list, I am sure you are on it already :)

h+b said...


You shoulda sent it ;)

Surfing Free said...

Oh, you are honest! I probably wouldn't have sent it either .... but it's nice to think you COULD have :)

Nicole said...

Hi Shell... Sorry its been soooo long since my last visit. I've had quite a long blog hiatus and am finally getting used to posting again.. even if it is only once a week or so.

I love the letter. I can just see you with one finger pointed sqarely at said annoyance and the other hand balanced on the hip for that finishing effect. Awesome!

My Mum just finished her Nursing Degree after a few years M.I.A and completed the whole course in less than 6 months. You would think the department would be extremely happy that she aced it in such a short time.... but they are actually quite put out. Go figure!

Hope you are well and happy.
Nicole xox

Flossy said...

I am thinking of uni next year - is this what I have to look forward to ?? lol