Saturday, August 30, 2008


Call me shallow - I really would!!
Coffee with a beautiful girlfriend that I have been friends with for years and rarely see -and I was so pleased to see she has finally developed some wrinkles too!!! Hers are still less pronounced than mine of course but they are there!

And this to make me feel good too - via facebook.

"Hi Shelly, I don't know if you'd remember me..but I had a huge crush on you in High School.".

I wonder what he would think 23 years later?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am EVERY BIT as shallow as that!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so share the shallowness. Who and who??

Anonymous said...

I'm even shallower because I read this and thought that I haven't got you as one of my facebook friends!

Flossy said...

I bet he would think you are still hot!!

We are so hard on ourselves aren't we?

And talking of shallow - I am browsing internet dating sites and I'm not even going near those that aren't good looking!!!!

I am so shallow I'm not even a decent puddle :(

Alice said...

As Tanya said, "Who and Who?" Do we know them? Do you wish you had known HE had a crush on you?????

h+b said...

ha! - so I take it your friend doesn't read the blog then ? :)

As for the bloke thing .. emails/contacts like that always make my blood run cold ... proceed with care .. you don't want him coming over and slaughtering the family in some imagined 'ownership' of you :/

Sorry to be the downer in your combox :)

Jellyhead said...

Oh yes, it's good to have company as we get older - I feel exactly the same!

And have you noticed - even those who don't have many wrinkles have some other sign of age, like 'age spots', or cellulite, or whatever. We are all going to pot, but having a great time doing so, all together!

shellyC said...

...and he is divorced. I am changing the locks, the phone, dying my hair and the kids. Do you think I can go in the witness protection program before something happens?

mum + tanya - not saying who and who.

Stomper Girl said...

Oh, even if he is a psycho or a loser, it's nice to know you inspired a crush in high-school, I swear I never did.

Anonymous said...

lol count me in for shallowness!
You would'nt catch me near any one of my teenage friends these days.. they would certainly outdo me in looks.. and I just can't have that! lol

The Vintage Kitten said...

YES! I am definately that shallow. There are a few girls from school who I would like to think have aged dramatically and hope one in particular has a large hairy wart right on the end of her bullying snooty nose! LOL! How lovely to have a message on facebook like yo did.... He must have had quite a crush and to remember you after 23 years is so nice