Thursday, September 04, 2008


I have been nominated for an award!! I am still working on my acceptance speech and choosing an appropriate outfit - will post about it soon.

In the meantime....

*The world is too small.....Marcel brings a guy from Singapore back for the weekend (they work together) and instead of him staying in Orange in a hotel by himself, Marcel thought he would inflict chaos and 3 children on the poor guy! Anyway Marcel dragged him along to Zoe's hockey game and by chance the Malaysian grandparents of two of the girls in her team were there. Turns out they were from the same area. Marcels friend rang his parents in Malaysia and turns out that his Dad went to school with the Grandpa.

*Marcel has a rental car for a few weeks. It is big,sporty, lots of buttons and dials and a stupid bloody big spoiler on the back!! I feel like a right idiot in it - but gee it is fun to floor it every so often!!!!! Much more oompf than a Tarago!!

*Visit to the Doctor the other day with Zoe after a stick was thrown at school and she collected it in the eye!! The eye - of all places - some may know that is my one phobia!! All is fine thankfully. It was an accident and the boy who threw it cried more than Zoe. Well I guess the boy didn't mean to hit her in the eye....they eye of all places!!!

*lots of essays/assignments due soon - must get cracking.

ta ta for now.


Michelle said...

I was staying in a basement hostel in New York once, and met a Kiwi guy who worked in Kunnanurra with a girl I used to work with in Canberra.

Small world all right!

Good luck with those assignments.

Oh, and were you talking about Canberra's Got Style blog?

Anonymous said...

THAT is why we don't throw sticks or stones or anything, but balls!

Flossy said...

Ouch! Glad that Zoe's eye is ok!

And it is a very small world - I have no examples off the top of my head, but I do remember thinking it on more than one occasion...

In transit said...

ooo- an award!
Love 'small world stories!'
Glad Zoe is Ok.