Thursday, December 11, 2008

Belgian Backpackers.

So what is your opinion??

The other day at the Kiama Blowhole, we walked down the steps to see it blowing - and it wasn't! A girl was sitting near and we asked her if it had to be low or high tide for it to blow! Anyway we got chatting and as there was an accent asked where she was from - Belgium! Chatted some more as my brother lives there too - blah blah as you do. Enquired as to the travel plans with her girl friend and their camper van.

They were headed our way so I wrote down my numbers and said come and stay - really!

We walked off and I said to Marcel "do you think they will come to stay" - No he said.

A few days later they arrived and said could they park their camper in the driveway.
Of course I said.
Told them to sleep inside on the sofa as it would be more comfy - even though my husband is away. I gave them a key to my house and I went out for the day and said see you at about 4pm.
Are you getting anxious about what happened?

See that is the thing - when i told my friends at coffee this morning that I had two Belgian Backpackers at home who I only met for 5 minutes on the weekend - there were all kinds of opinions and comments.

You are on your own. They might have taken all the valuables and sold them. Are your kids safe? Are you just plain crazy? Put all the knives ! etc

You see none of that entered my mind before - I tend to see the good in people. They were two very nice girls who could do with some hospitality and a chance to avoid paying stupid amounts of money to park their van.

.....and they are lovely. My kids love them too and they are staying another few nights. They can sleep on our sofa, use our towels, eat dinner with us and watch movies with me in the evening.

They are friendly and so am I.

PS. Oh I have had them helping me with dinner and reading bedtime stories to the kids!


In transit said...

Well there you go!
Guess it's also a reflection on the fact you've been a traveller yourself, and probably have been afforded similar hospitality.
Am sure they'll remember your kindness as a highlight to their trip.... plus, if they are helping out a bit......!

Michelle said...

You know, I would do the same thing. Hope you have fun with them while they're here!

Alice said...

That's why the whole world beats a path to your door, and everyone is your friend.

Bless you.

h&b said...

How lovely - you are the aceness !

Excellent about the cooking and storyreading too :)

Anonymous said...

as long there are not from Switzerland, you haven't to worry!

Alice said...

I agree with Anonymous - and HE should know!

Stomper Girl said...

Good for you. You're doing good things for our destination reputation, you know.

Rells said...

I'm with you - I tell people to come stay all the time (I regularly gave out my parents address too when I was travelling :) - but as yet, no one has turned up. Maybe I'm not as friendly as you????

Jellyhead said...

I'm a big believer in instinct, and obviously your instincts told you these were two good people who could benefit from your hospitality. Good on you!

a Belgian backpacker: Fristi said...

Hello Michelle,

At this moment your are singing wonderfull songs with "singer star"...

I loved staying with you and your family:
- the delicious food!
- the entertainment (the singing)
- the comfy sofa
- the amazing view!
- the 4 guides in mullaghan flat so we could see kangaroos and an echidna!
- the great sense of humour of the swiss guy, I'll always remember "Life is too short to eat cheap chocolats!"
- your cute kids

Just better than a ******hotel!

I am glad we found the heart of Canberra!

Thanks and we'll keep in touch!


(keep practicing your singing, you are getting better every song)

Kris said...

Hello Michelle,

I am Fristi's mom.
They'll certainly remember you for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere away from home.

Greetings from Belgium


my float said...

As long as they're not from Adelaide....!

What a lovely thing to do.
PS. Word verification is worth...isn't that perfect?