Monday, December 15, 2008

Bye Belgian Backpackers

...Well we survived!! The Belgians didn't harm us at all!!

The girls left today and we miss them already - the house is quiet. They stayed 5 nights and it was fabulous for us all. We waved good-bye this morning - but not before I whipped them up some new curtains for their camper van!


Jellyhead said...

Shelly I think you should be an Australian ambassador! Curtains, no less!!

What a wonderful representation of true Aussie hospitality you are :-)

Alice said...

Aw gee, I wanted that material.

BTW, the Word Verification for this comment is 'jokier' dare it suggest that my comment wasn't serious!!!

Flossy said...

Well, they will be your friends for life after that...the curtains would have topped off their stay in Canberra nicely!

You're a legend :)