Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mixed Stuff

Chicken Pox arrived on the 15th of December!! Of course only one child with spots at the moment - guaranteed the other two will get it - each 2 weeks after the other!!!
Some dancing round the Christmas Tree while setting it up. I like to get the kids to put it up once school has finished for the year.

This guy needs a reality check!! Actually what you cannot see is at the next desk is my laptop - yes 4 laptops and a big (I say silly) screen. Actually two are work ones.

Well my profile does say something like "....makes and creates things sometimes.." So here just to prove it!
Close up - zips and all!

Op shopping!!!!
Now I have an idea that could save the people at op shops some work! Don't you think that if you see someone in the street who wears clothes your size and you like their style - you could just go up to them and say "Hey here is my number - when you want to throw out your old clothes call me first and then I will go through them, take what I want and then make a generous donation to the charity shop."
I am sure I just bought clothes from the donations of the one person .... size.....they like floral.....obviously been/lived in England as most brands were English.
....oh and there was an English designer skirt too - but I put that in with the Christmas stuff I sent to my sister. How generous of me I know!


Jellyhead said...

What fabulous fabrics you've used in your creations! The recipients of those handmade gifts will be so thrilled.

I'm sorry you are the house of chicken pox. Hopefully the others will escape the spots (cross fingers!)

Anonymous said...

BOO to the pox. YAY to the shopping. I'm sure I'll get to see the skirt at stitching one night soon.

In transit said...

oohhhh.ITCH. poor shay.

h&b said...

Nice Op Shop haul !!!

Yeah - make friends with that woman quick ;P

( word veri: "rednes", I kid you not ! )