Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wednesday Food

There is a bit of a food trend happening at the moment over here. Maybe it is because I have more time on my hands or something. Anyway tonights cooking involved pastry and as the oven needed to go on I always feel the need to bake something to share the energy!

Cherries from yesterday.....into a pie/flan type thingy.
Grease pie dish. Put in puff pastry, prick with fork and bake for a bit. Put in cherries (not pitted) add a mix of 3 eggs, some milk, vanilla and sugar and a bit of lemon zest. Pour and bake at 180 until less burnt than this one!! Oh and the rest of the pastry was used for a swirly decoration - lattice is so out!!

Easy Spinach and Feta Pastries
  • Chop Onion
  • Add thawed frozen spinach
  • Add crumbled feta and some egg. Season and Mix.
  • Cut puff pastry sheets into 4 and spoon mixture on. Fold and Seal.
  • Splodge with milk and bake at 180 until brown.

A little helper!! Of course I only washed the floor TODAY!!!! Even Luca asked this morning "Do you ever use that fluffy thing on the floor and you make it all wet?"

The cheek I tell you!!


Anonymous said...

Ooops. That won't be sticky...much.

Alice said...

So you do have one of those white fluffy things, do you?????

Bring it over here sometime....

I found lots more cherries yesterday.....last year's frozen ones in the outside freezer! I didn't know they were there.

In transit said...

can you send us a cherry pie :)
ps. Thanks for all the get-the-baby-out-tips. How ironic that the one thing that got the baby there in the first place is one of the things that is supposed to help get it out!

Anonymous said...

LOL at the fluffy white thing, that made me laugh right out loud.

h&b said...

hmm - I have a whole heap of gifted cherries we'll never be be to chomp through au naturel.

Perhaps your pie is the trick !

thanks !