Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back again.

Well we had a great week despite camping in a very crowded campground!!! The area was lovely though and the weather was mostly fabulous. I did come back with a few ideas that could make camping a little easier.....

*A campground that offered a "pack up" service would really rock!
*Not only should the milk, bread, prawn and fruit people come through the campground - an early morning Latte would work better!
*Campgrounds need little lockers that you could pay a few dollars to recharge your lamps and phones and not have to hang out in the toilets or the bbq area and listen to disgusting teenage chat!
*Upon returning home the Front Loader should morf into a top loader - just to get through the washing!!! Even a fast wash is 1hour 18 minutes!! Times that by 8!!!

......anyone have any other ideas??

We took a boat trip to see these wonderful creatures!
My foot just to show how close we were.

With some fish heads the fisherman were throwing out the girls were able to hand feed some more amazing creatures.

This photo taken by Marcel while snorkelling.


Tanya said...

Great pictures. But... do you have two children or three....?

Jellyhead said...

Oh, yes, coffee brought to the camping ground would be perfect!!

Glad you had a wonderful time. You certainly got up close to those dolphins.... amazing!

Alice said...

Tanya beat me to it....I was just going to ask if you took Luca with you?

Think of the money you could earn yourself providing that pack-up've had enough experience now. What a horrible job that would be.

Lovely photos of the girls, and Marcel's 'shadow'

BTW, you better bring the washing over fast wash is only 40 minutes.

Glad you all (including Luca) had such a good time.

Anonymous said...

Let's see you want electricity and a clean up service and a washing service - do you think you want a hotel?

The dolphins are amazing!

Flossy said...

My fast wash is 30 That's why I don't go camping - no coffee!! Couldn't survive without a decent latte :)

Looks like you had a great time though, and the dolphins and other creatures are very cool. The kids must have loved it!

Stomper Girl said...

The Queenscliff camp site had a kiosk that served fair trade organic lattes and green tea, as well as bacon and egg breakfasts (as long as you liked your bacon and eggs in a roll). I thought that was pretty posh.

You should suggest the recharge locker, in this day of mobile phones and digital cameras it is actually a really good idea.

shellyC said...

Oops - yes i do have three children!! Obviously luca didn't take any cute photos!!

Tracey - could be a hotel I am secretly wanting - though I do like sleeping in a tent.

My float said...

Oh I want a pack-up service at home too, please...and a morning latte...!

Sounds like you all had a great time away.