Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting fit.....well trying!

Not one to enjoy computer games at all - this Christmas present is really good! I have my own trainer who tells me i need to work harder, that I favour my right leg and then rates me as a couch potato! There are some great things and my thighs have been really sore from the lunges!

Each morning I go for a 45 min walk with a bit of a jog in there too that is getting longer. My trusty companion Zoe rides her scooter along too - all the while looking out for bugs and asking if I can hold slaters in my pockets for her!!

Must get ready and go before the heat of the day runins it.


Alice said...

I think the 'bag lady' needs to make Zoe a little bag that clips to the handlebars of her scooter especially for bugs. Can't be any worse than your pockets?

But, on the other hand, perhaps you're not as keen as Zoe?

Stomper Girl said...

You know, I am almost tempted to break my ban on console games to get a Wii-fit. Almost.

Flossy said...

You go girl!! My girlfriend has a wii fit and sports - the sports is great fun and gives you a real workout at the same time!

I have been a slacker and not done anything this week :( Need to get into gear again.

Jellyhead said...

Yay Shelly!! Walking every day? You're my hero!

Anonymous said...

Nup.. if running means putting bugs in my pocket then I could'nt possibly do that. I think I'm allergic to bugs in my pocket.
I'm sure I would be.

I tell you what.. tomorrow..
could you do a few extra km's for me? Cos I need to lose a few kilo's and those slaters are gonna mess my pocket!


In transit said...

There is MILES of running/bike track here where we live. You're welcome to it when you get here :)... you can even push a pram in order to burn extra energy!

My float said...

Like Stomper Girl, I'm tempted by Wii...! Sounds like enormous fun

My float said...

PS. Aren't slaters stink bugs? Or am I confused?!