Sunday, February 01, 2009

My baby starts school.

My little baby boy is starting big school tomorrow!!! He is my youngest and many are asking 'will you be sad that your youngest is starting school?' ummm NO!! Only because he is so ready and really wants to go - it will be a joy to watch him start his school life.
I am always sad that school holidays end and we have to get into a routine and the whole school uniform and packed lunches business! I love summer school holidays for being lazy days and long mornings and just being together! This year we have been really lucky and Marcel has been home for all of the holidays. So with the youngest starting school it feels like we are now are grown up family and all things toddler and baby are well behind us. Not that they weren't wonderful times either - now we are a family who can all hike and ride big bikes! It is a time where the kids still want to do things with us and they don't think we are yet from another planet and an embarrassment to them! I hope this stage lasts a long time...!!!

So to my baby Luca who is sometimes too grown up anyway - I wish you all the very best for school. May it be a really happy time for you and if you choose to - learn a few things!


Jellyhead said...

I hope it all goes well Shelly - for both of you! You'll probably miss him (at least just a little!), but be proud and happy for him at the same time. And it sounds like he'll be right as rain :-)

Tanya said...

Argh, ya cow! You had me all choked up!!

Alice said...

You know that he can't learn anything......he knows it all already..genius that he

Love him to bits, and hope he finds school even more fun that he hopes.

I hope the girls enjoy getting back into it, too.

What a wonderful job you and Marcel have done in bringing three totally delightful children, who are a pleasure to be with.

Love and hugs to you all.

In transit said...

Have lots of fun, Luca!

Flossy said...

Hope you have a ball at school Luca!

Shelly, my girls still hang out with me all the time - and they're 17 and nearly 15, so you should have plenty of time :)

The trick is, I have found, not to be too "old" and with teenagers around, it's hard to feel old - they keep you up to date with what is "cool" LOL

My float said...

I didn't cry when my little one started school, but this post brought on the tears!

May the kids always want to do things with you! May they always be happy at school and everywhere they go...

Excuse me while I search for a tissue!!

peppermintpatcher said...

I'm sure he'll have a ball!