Monday, February 16, 2009


Well Luca has been to school for two whole weeks now and we have had varied cmments and conversations. They have been along these lines and in this kind of order.

* 1st Day - School was really good and the playground is fun.

*2nd Day - I had a fun day at school and my teacher is really nice.

*4th Day - We did lots of Paper Stuff and it was really fun!

*5th Day - Do I have to go again? I don't want to go!

*Monday Week 2 - Is that all I get now - just two days at home to play? I don't want to go to school.

*Tues. Week 2 - I can say hello in Indonesian!

*Thurs. Week 2 - All we do is paper stuff and it is really boring.

*Fri. am Week 2 - I am too tired to go to school.

*Fri. pm Week 2 - School was fun today - and this..... and this....happened.

*Last night (sunday) going to bed - I want to go back to Preschool - I am going to quit school!!


Flossy said...

Poor Luca - I know how he feels...don't tell him he has to go for 12 years will you! LOL

Alice said...

I was just going to say I hope you cheered him up by telling him he only has another 13 years to go, but I see Flossy beat me to

Let's hope your conversation won't be the same once you begin teaching!!!

peppermintpatcher said...

Five days is a long time... 12 years is longer!

My son's complaint in year one was that he worked three times and only played two times. It took me a while to work out that he meant there were three school sessions and only two lunch breaks.

In transit said...

It'll be school holidays soon enough, and he'll be dying to get back to school!

Stomper Girl said...

Oh, look at your cute little long-haired boy! Mine is still telling me he misses me, but hasn't complained about having to go all the time. Did Luca not get the general idea of continuous attendance from observing his big sisters?

Alice said...

Can't be too bad - he was quick to inform me yesterday that he WASN'T at pre-school.