Thursday, February 26, 2009

...just a few ramblings....

It has been awhile.......

I am back at Uni and really pissed off that my list of things I wanted to do (back In October) hardly got touched!! - I don't know what happened - it's not like I sat on my arse all day!

Now in my last semester of Uni and very happy to be finishing soon. Not happy that there are still a few students who will graduate with me that I do NOT want teaching my kids!! Should I have given them a hint in the first or second year and told them they would be crap teachers?

I know I am a mature aged student and try not to make it so obviuos but there are others who really give us a bad name!!

We have had some birthdays in the house! Zoe made cards to remind us of ages!

There was a swimming carnival where we were able to see that the money put towards swimming lessons went to good use!!! Shay won her two races and when I told her she would get to go to the school district carnival she replied "No I don't want to go and swim again - someone else can go!" - Zoe did very well too.

We all had a lovely weekend in Sydney with a lovely family who live in a gorgeous house with two fantastic dogs. The kids were in heaven! Beaches and bushwalks saw close encounters with puffer fish, bluebottles, huntsmen (in the car) and leeches on legs and shoes - no one was hurt and everyone remained very calm! I am very proud of my children!

I am off this weekend for a girls weekend in Sydney - nice hotel.....good and bubbles of course.....laughing....and maybe crying as one of the four is moving to Western Australia!!

In an effort to solve my slow computer issues etc - Mr IT (as in Information Technology - who I am married to) decided to reset my computer. we saved everything - EXCEPT all my emails and of course email addresses! I am not too worried - if people want to get in touch with me they will and I will again have their addresses.

My daily 45 minute walk is not having the desired effect.....I should be stick thin by now!!!!

Aldi Milk Chocolate with Almonds is sensational!! It is the yellow packet. Usually I hate chocolate with nuts and any chocolate that isn't Swiss of course - however this is loved by ALL the family - including fussy Mr IT!!!


Alice said...

My daily 45 minute walk is not having the desired effect.....I should be stick thin by now!!!!

Aldi Milk Chocolate with Almonds is sensational!!

You don't see any connection there???

Shelly, you are lovely just as you are......but I know that's no consolation to you.

Loved the photos and Shay's comment about not wanting to swim again.

Jellyhead said...

Lovely to hear all about your doings, and the doings of your little fish-girls!

I wish you wouldn't tell me about good chocolates..... last time I went and bought a block of that organic chocolate with orange, and now my hand will be magnetically drawn to any block of Aldi chocolate! (When they need a crane to lift me out of my house because I am hideously obese, I will say mournfully 'It all started with a post that SHELLY wrote')

Have a wondrous weekend with your friends!!

Flossy said...

Yay you're back!!

Can I tell you a secret? The body gets used to what you're doing - if you do the same thing everyday, you'll get some results to start with, but after a while, when the body realises that you are going for a walk again, it goes "oh, I know what we're doing". You need to shock your body into weight loss (I presume that's what you're wanting lol). Do different stuff, or start to jog intead.

And you need to keep upping the ante...don't let your body get complacent! LOL

In transit said...

Hurrah for super-fish Shay. That photo of her standing there by the starting block takes me back to my school carnivals and gives me butterflies in my tummy just looking at it!
Flossy is right about the upping the ante on your body for further results - sadly you can't really get away with doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I want to quit school.... lol
Don't kids say the best stuff?

I have never tried aldi chocolate. I will though. I am down in the trailer trash area when it comes to chocolate... good old cadburys does it for me. On the other end of the scale.. Ferrero Rocher rocks too!

Loved the photos... gorgeous kids... of course!

xox Nic
Thanks for your lovely message.

My float said...

Gosh, it scares me when I hear about some of the teachers going through the system.

Congratulations on your water babies! Very funny comment from Shay.