Friday, March 06, 2009

Just for Thomas!!

Change of colour - especially for Thomas!!!
Because according to Thomas "That is a really nasty red colour and it hurts my eyes after reading your blog for 5 minutes!"

At his request we now have a blue blackground!!!

Long weekend here - so we are off camping at the beach!

Happy weekend to you all.

PS. If you don't like the colour - blame Thomas!


Tanya said...

Who the fuck is Thomas? Aren't I the queen of the world?? I wanna see yellow!!!!

Alice said...

Better change the colour before Tanya has a tantrum!!! Blue's good for a change - thanks Thomas (whoever he is).

Jellyhead said...

I like the blue. Hope your camping weekend is lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Blue is good. Tanya's tantrum has apparently already begun!

Rells said...

My first thought was Thomas the Tank Engine (goes to show where I spend my days!) - it was the shade of blue that did it!

nutmeg said...

I'm with Rells - as soon as I hear Thomas I start to list off all the other trains too! When do you think that will stop?

And I had to have a belly laugh at your Luca's first few weeks of school - sounds oh so familiar and I have to go through it all again next year. But "me no complain" as I will ony be doing one drop off :-)

Happy camping.