Friday, March 20, 2009


Sometimes we are blessed to have someone come into our lives who is truly a pleasure to have around. Someone larger than life (she is really tall compared to my 'tall' self ) who you can really depend on and who manages to be the 'glue' that holds a beautiful groups of friends together. I am not often the one who is left behind as I have usually been the one leaving but this is hard - tearfully hard! There are 3 of us feeling quite numb today as our dear friend departed for the other side of the country (that would be west - far west!!!) - yet wish her and her family the very very best for a wonderful life. They really deserve it!

All the best Juanita - I really will miss you!


Alice said...

'Tis true. Juanita seemed to exude confidence and you always felt there was no problem in the world that she couldn't solve.

She was larger than life, and full of life. A really comfortable friend with whom you could just be yourself.

Wishing you and all your family the very best in life, Juanita.

Flossy said...

And thanks to the wonder of the internet, she will ever seem that far away really :)

My float said...

It's hard to lose friends and family...even to the other side of the country.

What Flossy said...although I think she meant "never" be far away!