Sunday, April 12, 2009

At the River

Conversation at the river the other day.
Shay - Can I take my shoes off?
Me - Yes
Shay - Really?
Me - Yes
Shay - And can I roll my pants up and go in the water?
Me- Yes
Shay - Really?
Me - Yes
Shay- But it is really cold.
Me- Well you decide.
Shay - So I can really put my feet in the water?
Me- Yes.
Shay - WOW - you are not always the meanest Mum in the world! words!!!

It was so lovely to lie in the sun (remember I am currently in Switzerland and it is uncommonly warm) and listen to the shreaks of laughter!!

PS. The water was freezing!!!


Jellyhead said...

Tee hee!

Don't worry, I'm sure MY kids think I'm the meanest Mum in the world too - just because I have some rules and limits. It is evident from all the fantastic things you do with your kids, and how much you obviously love them, that you are one of the loveliest Mums in the world!

Alice said...

You mean that you didn't prove you are the meanest Mum in the world and throw her in fully clothed?.....just kidding, of course.

Flossy said...

Oh I thought I was the meanest mum in the world! lol

I have been trying to comment for ages, but stupid blogger was having a hissy fit :(

So glad you guys are having fun and more pics please as I'm living vicariously through you at the moment! xx

chest of drawers said...

Hilarious! Where in Switzerland are you?