Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swiss Stuff

How cool is this floor of some toilets in a fancy restaurant!
The playground that the kids are spending hours on.

Three kids and a dinosuar!

Things still going well here on the other side of the world......
**Busy catching up with some wonderful people and their children - who I love and have missed.
**Eating lots of Chocolate!! The Easter Bunny really was loaded this year!!
**Enjoying Spring and really appreciating beautiful days and warm weather.
**My three children started Swiss school today- they were so excited and had a great time!
** Zoe was thrilled to do woodwork and has joined the class half way through their unit on chocolate -she is already excited about the trip to the chocolatier to make chocolate!!
**Shay was a bit unsure about the 'squiggly' writing on the blackboard - "So I just copied what it looked like"......maybe Australia should introduce cursive a bit earlier? Plus first day at school and two birthdays in the class meant lots of cake!
**Luca was so excited to go this morning that he had 'bumps in his tummy'
**The kids are OK with Swiss German which is only a spoken language and in school their lessons are in High German which none of them know! This is a real experience for them and I am so happy that they are happy. Their Swiss German has improved so much thanks to Grandparents but also the 3 kids who live across the path and play at the playground just out the door.
**I had my first day of my 8 week teaching Internship today and also with 'bumps in my tummy' this morning - it all went well and i am looing forward to my weeks of teaching ahead.
**I need to get some sleep.............


Anonymous said...

Lots of exciting things happening on the other side of the world!

Alice said...

I'm really glad that you all sound so happy .... but you will come back home sometime, won't you.....please???

In transit said...

Love love this spring weather too.
Glad school went well - have the bumpy tummies disappeared?