Saturday, September 26, 2009

For sale

I am currently 'holed up' in the kitchen!! We have jsut had the carpets cleaned and silly me forgot (well how would I know since Carpet Cleaning people and I are not really aquainted) that you can't walk on the lovely clean and wet carpets for 4 hours ....and today is Saturday. Have sent husband to indoor pool with 3 eager kiddies. I have been sorting out and straightening my pantry!! Why?? for the nosey people who will dare to open my cupboards next week at our first open house!!! I have 'decluttered' and sent loads of boxes to a storage unit down the road. Even the kids say "Our house is really boring now!".
I even swapped my 6 odd dining chairs for 6 matching ones from my sister!! I am trying to appeal to the masses not the odd one like myself!! We still have lots to do in the garden and the weather has been ghastly today. All that lovely red dust has landed and made everything well Dirty!!! Then there is rain storm after rainstorm and it is freezing!! Oh well someone will buy our home - I mean we bought it and it looked far worse then than it does now!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hope it sells quickly so you can make your house a little more exciting to your youngsters!