Sunday, October 18, 2009

house update

Third weekend of open houses. Numerous people looking through the week. We all escape out of the house carrying baskets of washing that I don't want to leave around. Beds are patted flat and I feel like I am always backing out the door covering our tracks!! Auction day next weekend which is quite we really want to sell our little house?

Well we have bought another one in Queensland so we really should sell this one. I can't wait to sell this and bring all our 'clutter' back - we don't live all clean and is boring for us!! And as there isn't much around I end up cleaning - for something to do. Now that is just plain wrong!!!!


Jellyhead said...

Oh that IS just wrong!! - the cleaning. But maybe it helps to de-stress?!

It must be really annoying having to do open houses. Hope the time goes by quickly, and someone falls in love with your very neat house, & all will be over soon!

Surfing Free said...

I can imagine that constantly sprucing up the house is very tiresome! But it looks really fantastic. I think I want to buy it ;) Good luck getting at stellar price.

Alice said...

Whose house is that? Not yours, surely?

Looks lovely, dear, but won't you be glad when it's sold and you can trash it

Stomper Girl said...

Your house looks ace in the photos, I hope you get a good price for it. So are you moving to Queensland?

Rells said...

Out of curiosity I went visiting LJ Hooker - my word your house looks big! (the agent was obviously feeling artistic judging by the photos) But did you know the floor plans aren't actually that of your house?!