Thursday, October 22, 2009

A visitor

Last week Marcel walked the kids to school and this little fellow was lying on the footpath. His nest was very high above him with two siblings still there. Marcel left Weddin (as he is now fondly known) for the day and checked up on him to see if the parents would somehow care for him. By the afternoon it was clear Weddin had been abandoned and he is now being cared for by us. He is noisy and his poo can really smell but he is well loved. He has been very brave as the subject of news for three children and their classmates were very gentle with him. Today it was so wonderful to discover the wonder of the natural world when another Magpie (probably a parent) came onto our deck and fed Weddin. We will wait until he is a little stronger and able to fly and then release him to his family.


Stomper Girl said...

How gorgeous. Shame you're moving then he might have been your lifelong friend!

peppermintpatcher said...

You're regular doolittles! How amazing for the kids.

Alice said...

Does Weddin know that his adoptive home will hopefully be sold out from under his feet/wings today?