Friday, March 26, 2010

Enough Rain

We have been wanting to seal the sandstone pavers in the back garden for......ages!!! So with all the rain we have had there hasn't been a dry day for......ages!! Yesterday was our second sunny day and the forecast looked fabulous - Sunny 29 ....No mention of showers. So 3 of us rushed out side and put the first smelly coat on and left it to dry for 2 hours. While inside I could sense the outside light had changed and ran outside to see that a rain cloud directly over our house ..... blue sky surrounding....was dropping light rain on our pavers!!! Shit!! The instructions on the can could not be more explicit about how dry the sealer needed to be! Later that afternoon we sealed another section of pavers and things were looking - well sunny!! This morning I woke up to see large pools of water on the pavers after what must have been a substantial downpour overnight!
Looks like you might need to wear shoes at our house when you go outside - your feet will get sticky otherwise!!


Stomper Girl said...

Oh no. You need to swap climates with Victoria just until the pavers get done!

Alice said...

...or they could come back to Canberra for a, and bring some rain with them.

diane said...

Oh, that was bad luck. I'm waiting for it to stop so that I can spray the weeds. It is unusual for this time of the year, but its better than drought.