Friday, March 19, 2010


The wonders of technology!! I called Samsung today to complain about rust forming on our fridge that is only a couple of months old. The lady on the phone asked if I could send some photos as it would save a technician coming out and from the photos they could see what parts needed replacing. I resized the photos using the Paint program and of course couldn't help highlighting the problems! Sounds like a common problem......rust forming on the ice and water dispenser area that is prone to be wet anyway!!

Have had 2 German backpackers here for two nights. My husband 'picked up' sorry met Lisa when he was in Perth for work and she was working at the hotel. He of course said come and stay if you are in Brisbane. She turned up with a male friend for two nights. They were lovely and I think they enjoyed staying here - especially the free internet! Marcel and I laughed to ourselves when we realised that being 19 they were actually closer in age to our own kids than to us. It was a little like having more kids in the house - only these ones drank beer!! Yes - the backpackers of today are no longer our age!!!

We are off to Australia Zoo tomorrow with the kids and in-laws. I have told the kids to look on the website and to each choose two animals they really want to see. Hopefully it will save the mass "I want to see..... &.......& ......." "But I want to see ....&......&.......&......."

We are staying two nights in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and all having a day off on Monday.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and thinking of those dear family and friends on Cyclone Watch.

Ului is a pretty cool name though!!!


Alice said...

Have a fantastic weekend. Did you get to choose any animals for yourself?

I hope that just for a change IT WILL NOT RAIN. You've definitely had more than your share...for a while!

Glad you enjoyed having the 'backpacker kids' to stay.

Anonymous said...

You'll be scouting out places to live down there for me, right?

Ului is behaving so far - overcast with a lovely gentle breeze.

diane said...

That is one of my favourite places, the Sunshine Coast hinterland.There used to be a Swiss resort in Melany called Solothurn, where we often used to stay. However, Albert, who owned it died but I think his Australian wife still runs it....not sure.
I hope you have a laptop with you so you can read this before you return because the best Swiss cheese is made up there at Eudlo in the hinterland of Caloundra. However, the factory is a bit hard to find , it is on a lychee plantation and you need to ring first to check if it is OK to visit. If you can it is well worth while a tour through the factory. Christian, the Swiss cheese maker mostly sells online, but he does have outlets in Brisbane. You can ring him too and make an order.All the information is here:
BTW my email address is on my profile. If you have any other questions I would be happy to help.

diane said...

Hopefully this link will take you to our visit to the cheese factory:
a visit to Fromart Cheese factory

diane said...

Darn the link doesn't work. Try this one....