Thursday, April 08, 2010

a late happy easter

The annual egg dying
The delicious (12 minutes with blue ring) eggs. Three breakfasts and a lunch of egg and mayonaise on toast and sandwiches and the introduction of curried egg has been enough until next easter.
An installation by Shay.
Very effective and was only removed so that I could paint the wall.
The reason I LOVE cooking with gas!!
Sometimes a photo needs to be taken before the food is actually cooked!

****Oh and this is a classic example of good recycling. Luca made me a lovely card for Easter and presented it to me after school the other day. After I admired it and gave him a big hug and said I would pin it on my pinboard - Luca said "Well now that you have read and seen it can I rub out your name and put Papi's name on it and give it to him?"
"Of course Luca"

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diane said...

Shay will be exhibiting at GoMA soon. We didn't do eggs this year...getting old and can't be kids at home. Maybe when the unborn grandchild grows we may start again.

Do you play the Swiss game with the eggs..Tüpfen?
Luca will become an environmentalist or a scrooge.