Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So this year the kids and I have started watching MasterChef - we didn't get into it last year as we were away and arrived back in Australia close to the final and could not understand the hype. Anyway we watch and decide which food we would like to eat. The kids already have their favourites and who they want to win - tears will get the kids on your side (Adele).
So it has got me thinking - if I was on there what would my signature dish be? However chatting with a friend today and seeing all this great food being cooked by amatuer chefs as inspired us to maybe think a bit more about the family meal.
Well after my effort tonight I thought maybe it could all be about making bad food sound good by giving it a longer name or something. I tried to cook something different tonight and it wasn't a great success. The kids were helping me to come up with names for the meal - they are brutally honest of course.

The menu tonight was

Grilled lamb with a herb and blackened macadamia nut crust
Homegrown and exceptionally bitter aubergene (eggplant) fried with aged green beans
Slightly crunchy polenta with aged cheese shavings.

en guete


diane said...

Looks good to me. I don't watch the chef show so I don't know how to judge you.

Stomper Girl said...

Wow, tres posh. WE had spag bog at ours last night!