Friday, June 25, 2010

More Food...

Pasta making with the family. A long process and despite the jamming of the pasta making machine and some rolling required - we had a fabulous fettucine cabonara!

Our family loves watching MasterChef and learning about all the fabulous things that are cooked. Time after time the celebrity chefs go on about the secret to being a good chef is to use the freshest ingredients possible!! Now I wonder how the contestants would have gone with my "mystery box" challenge the other night - could they have created a family meal from the ingredients in the fridge that needed to be either cooked or binned!!! Can these whiz bang chefs cook without the freshest ingredients like many a family do?

Pseudo Enchiladas

1 rock hard avocado that was never going to ripen
8 slices of ham 1 day off expiring
2 very soft tomatoes
can of cannellini beans
Salsa remnants from two jars
grated cheese
stale tortillas

Top with Cheese

Enjoy...... and remember to go shopping the next day for the freshest ingredients possible!!!


diane said...

That sounds like how we cook often. making your own pasta looks like a lot of family fun.

sippitystitch said...

sounds exactly like our house too by the end of the week!! sometimes, but only in depserate circumstances it gets to the stage of: cut/scrape off the slightly dodgy looking bits