Thursday, August 19, 2010

so long away.....

What has been happening???
Let's do this in point form shall we........ok I will!

*The weather is glorious and when it is 28 degrees in the middle of August I feel good about our move from Canberra.

*I taught a Year 1 class for 3 weeks. - many of the other teachers told me they were the worst class in the school!!!! On some days I think they were right!

*I am procrastinating putting my name down at other schools in fear of getting more work!!

*I was measured and fitted for a bra - I have been wearing the wrong size since having children!! 11 years!!

*I am still going to the gym - little results!

*I have been having acupuncture for my insomnia - not the falling asleep as I think I could quite easily hold the record for that - the waking up and staying awake in the middle of the night kind of insomnia. We could be getting somewhere as last night I slept until 5am. If I woke up I don't remember - this is a good sign!

*I made a quilt.

* My dear sister moved with her precious family to China!

*My dear brother and dear sister in-law are having another Belgium!

*My children are feeling happier about their new home (8 months now) and surroundings. We are all old enough to go on long bike rides together and this is such a wonderful activity we all love.

*A trip to Sea World had one very happy daughter chosen from the crowd to feed and pat a dolphin. The other daughter while happy for her sister was bitterly dissapointed!

*We now have a child learning the guitar. The noise (even with doors closed) of a trumpet, violin and guitar being played at the same time by learners is delightful  awful!

*After the macaroon frenzy on MasterChef - my sister and I had a go. I tell you they are not easy and these ones were so sweet that one would make you ill!


Anonymous said...

We miss you guys. Even kinda miss those macaroons in a weird, nostalgic kind of way...

Stomper Girl said...

That's good about the acupuncture and the sleeping through!

Jellyhead said...

Well they may be sweet, but your macaroons look way better than the ones most of those contestants made on Masterchef!!

I'm sorry to hear you've been having sleep issues - hope the acupuncture kicks it once and for all.

Have a lovely weekend!

In transit said...

Busy people! We are jealous of your 28 degree weather where it is supposed to be winter, when Belgium can't manage that and it is supposed to be Summer!
Glad the teaching has finished for you - good learning experience, no?... Hope it gets better from here!
Hugs to all xox