Friday, September 17, 2010

Thoughts on Friday

Oops i  missed last week....was busy.

*Last day of school - holidays for 2 weeks and we are heading to Canberra for most of the time. Better get out the tights and wooly clothes!!! - 25 degrees here and 14 there - I think we will feel the difference.

*Kids are very excited about going - of course about seeing their friends, I am hoping that the kids will come back here and feel a bit more 'happier' about our move north and know that their friends are still their friends despite the distance.

*have had a lovely 2 week teaching contract with a lovely class. made all the more worthwhile by the hugs on my last day - especially from the boy in the class who was a little challenging and unfortunately has had a pretty tough life.  His two big hugs and watery eyes were pretty special.

*Am working on my bravery skills as I feel the need to call the dentist.

*At the acupuncturist yesterday the young girl who now work with Philip told me "I was about to go home and then I saw that you were coming and i told Philip - oh I will stay here for Michelle as it is always so much fun because she laughs so much!"  - could be that I have the wrong idea about acupuncture and this is why it is not working as well as I was hoping!

*It could also be that my husband keeps saying "Acupuncture is just a Placebo - the GP told me that the other day!"

*Am getting a little obsessed with bidding for shoes on eBay - there are some good bargains out there. Although I sent one pair back that stated they were leather and were quite clearly synthetic in fact pure plastic really!

*Lazy weekend planned.

Enjoy yours



diane said...

A busy time for teachers and mums. Enjoy your holiday home. Your mum will be pleased to see ypu all.

Stomper Girl said...

I'm so excited to be on holidays! ANd I got a little tear reading baout that poor little boy and the fct that you obviously got through with him. Good on you. Say hi to Canberra for me.

Alice said...

Looking forward to your visit very much, even to the chaos of having the loungeroom turned into a bedroom, etc. It's supposed to be 20º on Tuesday...we're turning it on just to welcome you, although if the wind keeps blowing, it won't feel anything like 20º.

So pleased you had a great two weeks of teaching, and that you got lots of hugs of appreciation. I'm sure they were all well deserved.

Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Well done on the great teaching experience. Must make up for the stressful two weeks a couple of months ago, huh?

Have fun catching up with everyone in Canberra.

In transit said...

Rug up for Canberra - and enjoy! :)
When's the next teaching assignment?

Alice said...

Perhaps you should ask the Acupuncurist for a discount from now on since you provide the entertainment?

Jellyhead said...

Are you back yet?? Hope you had a wonderful time in Canberra.

BTW, acupuncture DOES have therapeutic benefit in some conditions, especially certain types of pain - even my sceptical (medical) husband concedes this! Not sure how it rates for insomnia but I hope it is helping.

Oh and congrats on your last teaching stint - sounds like you made a big difference even in such a short time :-)