Monday, October 18, 2010

water and trumpets

My husband said if I went on this ride he would do all the housework for a year!!! A year of no housework!!!

I am such a wimp!!

My three children and my husband had such a great time on the waterslides! I went on a few and got wet and cold and felt a little ill because i closed my eyes on a scary one!! My husband said "you have lost your little girl inside" - I told him 'No i haven't - the little girl inside me never really liked these kinds of rides anyway!!"

We went as a family to see this man the other night.
It was a great concert and the kids loved it too. I hope James wasn't offended as we had front row seats and by the end of the concert 2 out of 3 were asleep!


Alice said...

Your English cousin will be so envious of you going to see James Morrison.

I guess your dislike of those sort of rides is inherited....Sorry. Did Marcel and the kids go on the tube one? I bet they didn't!!!

Stomper Girl said...

My inner little girl didn't like that sort of ride either! I might have risked if for a year without housework though! But that sounds like the sort of deal that would be promised but not delivered! WEll it would if my family made it anyway...