Wednesday, October 20, 2010

old fashioned cooking

I have 3 kilos of green tomatoes and 1 kilo of onions macerating with a good handful of salt, waiting to be cooked into Green Tomato Pickles. I have never made this before, in fact i have never made any kind of pickles or jam. There is always a first time for everything.  I will post photos of how it turns out.
Last night I cooked corned beef for the first time ever. I followed the instructions, made a lovely mustard sauce and served it with steam potatoes and asparagus. It was awful!! I never really liked corned beef anyway, but thought I should branch out with the family meals a bit. It wasn't a winner for anyone in the family and will join my increasing list of bad meals. Nothing has topped the dusty meatballs served with porridge cous cous that started the "Mums most forgettable meals list". I think I will just go back to pasta and curries! While these type of meals are traditional in their own places of origin - they are not the types of food I grew up eating. I wonder what sort of foods my children will be cooking when they are older. Will they consider my type of cooking (the successful meals!!) as old fashioned?


Stomper Girl said...

I don't like corned beef either! I'm really glad I'm a grown-up now and never have to eat it again.

Alice said...

Was it the meat that was the problem or the things that went with it? Did you boil it too long and take all the taste out of it?

I think I've mentioned before that we were never allowed to eat corned beef hot at home - Mum wanted to keep it for eating cold as you can slice it much thinner cold than hot. That didn't stop us stealing bits of hot corned beef though (always cooked after dinner on Monday nights).

Alice said...

I meant to say "Good luck with the pickles". If it's a success I'll have to get you to make me some .... lol.

Alice said...

Are the pickles cooked YET???