Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More food

 This is my sensational Green Tomato Pickles!! I made about 8 jars and neighbours and friends have told me that it is excellent. it was really easy to make. Recipe here .

 On the weekend I made this peanut Satay Sauce which is easy and delicious! Recipe here.

 This is Marcel's favourite dessert. This one was my best one to date. The last time I made it I added a little instant coffee as I wanted the meringue to be cream in colour. I think it is just me but i think Pavlova looks a bit healthier when it isn't so white!!! Anyway the one with the coffee added was a flop!! The recipe I use is from the English mother of one of my oldest (as in since we were 11) and dearest friend and as Marcel told me sternly "Never mess with a perfect recipe!!".  yesterday I didn't add anything and measured very carefully the ingredients - and perfection!! And with a creamy coloured meringue!

I also like to put the fruit under the cream - well I guess i put the cream over the fruit - that would be rather tricky to put the fruit under the cream!!!


PS. He is pretending to blow out the invisible candles - not that he wants to throw up!!


In transit said...

Oh yum, that pavlova cake looks amazing. And I love Sate! Happy B'day to Marcel from us too :)

Stomper Girl said...

My mother is a champion pav maker. I've yet to try making one, scared much? Yours looks really good.