Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh My God - she has posted something!

1st photo i found - I give you Cookie and Latte. These are the resident rodents that kepp my children amused for ages!

Thought I might just do a quick blog update in case someone calls by to Shells and Beans and says "When is she ever going to update her blog?" or more likely "hesch di blog nid updated" from my Swiss inlaws!!!

Will need to be bullet form as I have spent most of the weekend answering a selection criteria for what could be the most perfect job for me in the world (at the moment!). Really I am not comfortable putting in writing just how incredibly good I am. It has been rather agonising to the point of deciding I don't really want the bloody job anymore!! But I will send it off.

In other news - I bought myself one of these. Once all the dials are turned to meet MY measurements the poor model (to be named) is full of gaps!!! I am not happy about being reminded of my height though so i think I will make it taller!
Other Stuff
  • kids all played in a music concert the other night - trumpet, violin and guitar.
  • Zoe was awarded 'Quiet Achiever for Junior Band'
  • Shay was awarded 'Outstanding Achiever for Junior Strings'
  • Luca has only started guitar and is really enjoying it.
  • Marcel had a hernia operation - was a good patient too!! Still not allowed to lift anything heavier than 5kgs. Amazing how all the baskets of washing have been less than 5kgs and the grocery shoppping bags!!
  • Had a week of fulltime work teaching Prep and PrePrep kids. My god I was so shattered each evening!!! Hats off to Prep and Pre School teachers!!!
  • Had an Interview the other day with the Education Dept. Spent all night (it seemed) thinking about what I SHOULD have said!!!
  • Zoe has been shortlisted for a position as a School Captain next year. She is 1 of 5 girls and they choose 3. Not bad for someone who has only been at the school 10 months! She had to have an interview too! I am so proud that she got this far.
Ok - enough for now. More snaps next time.
Michelle xx


Stomper Girl said...

Good luck for the perfect job - I hope you get it. And well done on all the other stuff, especially the kids' achievements! Hope Marcel is fully fit soon.

In transit said...

Hurray! An update. Big hugs to your clever kids. And hope the job app. is going well. xox

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the interview!