Friday, November 26, 2010

Mutterings that could be heard at our house.

'I am only ringing your dental practice because you have Gentle in your name - are they gentle?"
"Yes they are Michelle"
"Good -because I am one of those pathetic phobic adults who will cry"
"Ok - I will make a note of that!"

"If we don't get to have a Japanese exchange student because when the lady comes to inspect the house and she finds your rooms are too messy - you will be in trouble!'

15 minutes later

"WOW - Shay that is amazing! Don't you like having a clean room?"
"No it is too boring!"

PS. The lady only wants to see the room where the student will sleep and the bathroom!! ssshhhhh

"Marcel when are your parents coming back to Australia?"
"Not sure - why?"
"Because the car is a mess and the windows need cleaning!"

"Hey kids - you have a new cousin! A boy called Liam"
Very loud "YAY!!!!!!"


Alice said...

No wonder Marcel went to Newcastle for the

Big 'Yay' from here for your new cousin, too.

In transit said...

Hi from Liam to the cheering kids :)
See you in a few weeks time... actually not that long to go now - about 7 weeks, I think!