Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tis the season spend!

The day started with meeting some friends at a Chinese restaurant for breakfast. We opted for all the traditional Chinese breakfast foods and ordered two ham (spam!!) and egg toasted sandwiches just in case. Rice porridge with seafood and noodles on the side was delicious. The sandwiches were left!! Yum - we will go back again...and again I am sure.

Next stop - Bike shop!
"Can I help you" *
"These 3 children need new bikes"
Each child is thrilled with their new Christmas present that were brought home and promptly ridden in the rain for a few hours!

Stop after that - Music shop!
"Can I help you" *
"We need a violin and a trumpet please!"
That was quick but a bit painful on the credit card!

Then I purchased 3 tickets to Wicked for the girls and I to see in January.

Oh and then I had to purchase myself something.  I have been looking at these for ages and I am in love with them. I LOVE cement! The smell of cement is up there with rain on a hot day and coffee for delicious aromas!!

Made in Canada by METSA

Lucky I have a fulltime job next year!!!!


Alice said...

What a great day of activity .... and I bet a few shops were really glad to see you too.

Can you do your mother a favour, please? Change the headings on your blog posts from RED to some colour that I can read. I'll be so grateful.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 2011 employment. It must be cheap to have kids who do nothing, rather than these active and talented ones!

Alice said...

Thank you, dear. I can read that beautifully.