Monday, January 17, 2011

Op Shop + Haircut Joy

After the embarrassing revealing of my chronic fabric obsession - I was told NOT to buy anymore fabric!! So I found joy in some lovely Op Shop finds!

 This skirt was lovingly (i suppose) handmade by someone!! Gorgeous stretchy cotton - perfect teacher skirt!
 Dots could be my new obsession too - this fabric is so cute!!
Haircut joy too!!!  I found a new hairdresser and I love him already!! Moving to a new city it takes a bit of time to find all the services you need and to be happy with them. I have tried a few hairdressers and as I am not that fussy about my hair - I like to try new things!! I have given hairdressers free rein and end up with the same cut as I went in with just shorter. They never say this would suit you etc and are scared to cut it shorter!! I spent nearly 4 hours at this salon - it was joyful, funny and I walked out looking really different! When I was paying (let us not even discuss what I paid - it was worth it!) the next client walked in, looked at me and said "Wow - I want THAT hair cut!!" - that made me feel good!


Alice said...

Love the new hairdo. Experiment and have fun whilst you still have sufficient hair .... hopefully it won't thin too soon, but you know the family trend!

Told the hairdresser last week that I wanted 2cm taken off. Trouble is she took cut off the 2cm, then recombed it and took another 2cm off. Ah well, it'll grow, if I wait long enough, and it will be good swimming length (lessons begin Monday)!! Wish me luck - please.

diane b said...

Looks cute. Good finds in the op shop.

Anonymous said...

Perfect teacher skirt and perfect haircut!

Kerri said...

Cute hair do :)
You obviously had fun at the op shop. Great luck with your finds!
I hope that latest storm bearing down on your northeast coastline loses its steam before it touches land. It sounds scary.
We're having a weather event over here too. Snow, frigid temps and high winds, with some freezing rain thrown in for good measure. A good day to stay home and bundle up!