Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still here

........a few days after my last post, I started full-time work and only now I feel that I can surface from the pile of student files, curriculum documents, school policies etc and the endless hum of the laminator!!! My classroom is starting to look like a nice learning environment for my 23 cherubs (managed to lose one already!) as you could not have asked for a more stark room on the first day!!! I have an interesting class and others have said "you have been given a doozy of a class" - probably to test me I am sure!!! Still I have managed to find something to like about each of the kids and look forward to the year with them. Of course I am counting down seven more weeks until holidays!


diane b said...

Now you will have a full plate. Juggling family and work. I did it for 15 years while my girls were at school and uni. Then continued for another 1o years. I know how hard it is and I think teachers are expected to do far too many other things beside teach. A "doozy" class will keep you on your toes, good luck. I have once again taken on a contract to do intensive teaching of small groups at Robertson SS. It is only for 7 weeks and I have done 2. I wish now that I had said "NO" when offered, as retirement is much more fun and relaxing and I'm getting too old for this caper, but the money will go towards another adventure.

Stomper Girl said...

Ah the hum of the laminator! You sound like such a nice teacher. Good luck with the handful-class.

Spank and Yank said...

wonderful to find you still blogging, glad your finished the studying and into the swing of it now, hope your all well and happy. I did the first blog in almost 2 years but will be doing it a little more frequently now xox