Sunday, August 14, 2011


I know I know - I am completely rubbish at maintaining a blog!! And I could give you many many reasons why - but the main one is my laziness!!!
So to keep a few people quiet (family) - some snaps of things going on. All mixed up but hey blogged!!!

Zoe - chosen to be part of the Dolphin Show at Seaworld (a few months ago).

 My parents and their 6 grandchildren!! Not being biased or anything - but they couldn't have asked for 6 more gorgeous kids!!!!
 TODAY - Luca was chosen to participate in the Dolphin Show! We have season tickets. Luca didn't care that the announcer said " Yes - the young lady in the orange come on down!" - She called him 'Buddy' later. All 3 of my kids have now been chosen to be part of the show (they pick 2) - so our 7 visits to date have paid off!!
 Shay has always been brave when it comes to heights! She was in her element!
 Zoe has overcome her fears and is equally at home - meters above the ground with a mere rope to hang on to.
 A father and daughter moment!! Bright pink mood changing nail polish for her Papi!
 The green snake sadly not seen and run over by my snake loving husband! He was devastated! The snake now resides in a bottle of methylated spirits in the future Scientist's bedroom!
 Some dressing up antics!

......and again.....

Until next time xxxx


Anonymous said...

Great pics - as always - kids obviously having loads of fun too. Must be just a little warmer than down south!! Love to all Rita & Warren

Stomper Girl said...

I just love that we both have long-haired boys! Good to see a catch-up, your kids have all shot up!

In transit said...

Yay for an update!
Totally agree about the gorgeous grand- kids thing.
Now we can't feel so bad about 'our' snake.
Hope to see you 'for real' soon