Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Actually these photos were taken in some other month! I can see that my in-laws have been logging on to Shells and Beans in the hope of seeing some images of their grandchildren - so here are a few. I am pretty crap with taking photos of my kids of late. They all now have cameras and I guess I leave it up to them. I just never think to copy the images they have taken. The slippers above - how can you not love them. It was actually the 'craft' Zoe and her friends made at her party this year. I bought $2 pairs of slippers and let them go wild!! Actually it was only Shay who actually went wild. The other girls were more methodical, matching etc than the above pair - but that is my girl!!!

School holidays for 4 out of 5 of us. Had a lovely couple of days up with the Country Cousins. The kids have had 2 days already of the 3 day Sailing course I booked them into. Really windy conditions today and I thought I might have to pick them up from Noosa!!!  I had a planning day with my teaching team - made better by Thai and wine for lunch together!! Fish and chips for an early dinner with the kids by the bay and a Zumba class at 7pm to shake up all that food I had eaten - smart move!!!!!

Very very proud of myself for taking 5 bags of clothes to the Op shop (most were originally bought there anyway) - and I didn't go in!!!  No - I will wait a week or so and then decide to purchase back something I really miss or get very close to buying something and then finally realise it was mine in the first place. Don't laugh - this has happened before! I couldn't believe they wanted $12 for a dress I had donated!!  I had paid less for it originally!

Enough rabbiting - it feels good!! I could do a few more posts of no real importance very soon!


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In transit said...

Posts of no importance are the best!
Thanks for the pics. That camping looked like great fun!! Hope the tent with-stood the rain. Enjoy the last few days of Hols.