Tuesday, August 29, 2006

He's Back!!!

Saturday morning there were "no more sleeps until Papi comes home!".....all headed off to the airport where Marcel was greeted by 3 very very excited children and a wife (that would be me!) who stood back and watched the kids latch on to their Dad and not one of them wanting to let him go!! 5 weeks is a very long time for kids!!!
So there has been lots of piggy backs, tickling, laughing, flying planes and loads of "I am glad you are home".

I had been really tired the past few days and so took the chance to have an afternoon sleep on Saturday....bliss!!!

So we will enioy having Papi home for three weeks and then he is away for 3 weeks...looks like this will be life for awhile...3 weeks here/3 weeks there!!

Oh and after a long bike ride around the lake, Luca "needed" an energy drink...and it had to be blue!!! Oh I hate blue foods and drinks!!

Off to study for a Grammar exam tomorrow.


Alice said...

Welcome home, Marcel. Glad you came home even after being told that I had moved in!

Calidore said...

What a lovely photo - they all look so happy. I can imagine the excitment on Dad's part too. I hope in the end you got a hug as well.

PS Good luck with the exam.

Kerri said...

How lovely to have "Daddy" home. That's too long to be apart.
Hmmmm, I wondered where Alice had gotten off to....keeping her busy, are you? I think Marcel has rose-colored glasses where his MIL is concerned. I have to admit though, the sun does shine out of her :)
I've heard that grandpa has been busy too. It's lovely to have 'family' help, isn't it?
Have a wonderful 3 weeks together!
That's awful about the credit cards!
Love this photo!

h&b said...

What does Papi do for a living ?